Meet The Founder

Hi, I’m Leslie Fuqua Williams.

In my role as a Strategic Leadership Consultant, and Founder & CEO of Artefax Group, my mission is to redefine leadership norms and propel organizations to the leading edge of their industries.

My clients describe me as a visionary leader.

With a 20+ year track record in Information Technology and a decade of expertise in behavioral science, my career is characterized by the unique ability to predict emerging trends and translate them into practical, forward-thinking strategies for both companies and individuals.

I hold advanced degrees in Computer Science, Leadership, Human Capital Analytics, and Organization Development, and operate at the intersection of theoretical insights and hands-on experience

I’ve dedicated my career to effecting change.

Having worked with hundreds of organizations and leaders across many different industries, what I’ve found is that selfless service is the cornerstone of leadership that transforms. 

Progress and organizational success start with having the courage to evolve and willingness to challenge conventional norms.

As a company, we believe in…

  1. Empowerment: we’re dedicated to empowering conscious, people centric organizations to thrive even and especially amidst uncertianty.

  2. Intentionality: our commitment to intentional leadership is grounded in strategic thinking and energetic alignment, and our job is to help our clients make deliberate, effective decisions, daily. 

  3. Innovation: we believe that creating a cohesive, supportive, nourishing work environment is what makes talent and creativity bloom. 

  4. Impact: we are committed to excellence, providing high-quality solutions to drive meaningful, sustainable, socially responsible change in the workplace.

  5. Equity: we champion Equitable Female Participation and Influence in the workplace and firmly believe that women in leadership positions are essential for an organization's resilience and future success.

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Invite Leslie Fuqua Williams, our founder, to deliver dynamic, highly practical keynotes and workshops to motivate, educate and inspire your employees.


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Book our on or off campus MVP Leadership Immersion to inspire and equip the up and coming female leaders in your organization to thrive. 


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Experience our high touch, high impact coaching and consulting, aimed at optimizing your company’s leadership for optimum performance.