The 7 Levels of Consciousness and how they might be supporting or hindering your ability to be an intentional leader and create the ideal life, work and impact you envision.

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Leadership is not solely about your abilities and knowledge but is also profoundly influenced by your level of energy and consciousness. To be a truly intentional leader and create the ideal life, work and impact you envision, it's crucial to grasp the concept of the 7 Levels of Consciousness and how they affect your choices and behaviors.


In our life's journey, we tend to develop default tendencies based on our experiences, beliefs, and behaviors. These tendencies shape how we perceive and react to various situations, both personally and professionally. Often, we fall into patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting without realizing it, which can limit our growth and prevent change.


Imagine that your energy level can be compared to a stock price that fluctuates based on your perception and response to life events. At any given time, your Average Resonating Level of Energy (ARL) falls somewhere between 1 and 7, reflecting the sum total of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Each person has a unique energetic makeup, and this average level profoundly impacts your experiences and outcomes.


Let's explore the 7 Levels of Energy and how they shape your self-perception and behaviors:


Level 1: Victim Thinking


At this level, individuals often feel victimized by their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, leading to guilt, self-doubt, and fear. Productivity and motivation are low, and life might seem overwhelming. In a workplace context, this level can manifest as employees feeling disempowered and unmotivated, impacting their performance.


Level 2: Conflict


Level 2 is marked by conflict and anger. Those resonating at this level may use force to manage others or internalize their anger. In a work environment, this energy can lead to discord, unresolved conflicts, and poor relationships among team members.


Level 3: Responsibility


Here, individuals take responsibility for their feelings and reactions. They become more forgiving and open to cooperation, improving relationships and collaboration. In the workplace, leaders at this level foster a positive atmosphere, where team members feel understood and valued.


Level 4: Caring, Giving, and Helping


Level 4 energy is about caring for others and oneself. It's a genuine concern for the well-being of individuals and projects, driven by a desire to help. This level results in nurturing workplaces and fulfilled employees who thrive on support and cooperation.


Level 5: Reconciliation


People at Level 5 understand that life offers opportunities in both success and failure. They find meaning and learning in every experience, promoting resilience and adaptability. In a professional context, Level 5 thinkers are innovative and open to change, ensuring growth within the team.


Level 6: Synthesis


Level 6 is where intuition and creative genius come to life. It's a place of powerful connections between individuals and ideas. This level inspires innovation and visionary thinking in the workplace, enabling teams to find unique solutions and collaborations.


Level 7: Truth


At Level 7, life is created moment by moment, harnessing all previous levels of energy without judgment or fear. This is the realm of pure creation. People who access this level make the most significant impact and are highly influential in their personal and professional lives.


In your leadership journey, understanding these energy levels is vital. 


By recognizing your own energy level and that of others, you can adapt your leadership style to create a more productive, harmonious, and innovative workplace. Be mindful of your energy level, and choose to tap into the higher levels to influence positive change and unlock your leadership potential, one day, one decision, one project at a time. 


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