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I have worked with Leslie on several important and dynamic projects. I have witnessed her lead strong diverse teams that required her to be a great manager and strong leader in order to accomplish the work required by her clients. Her ability to manage and lead the project teams is only surpassed by her ability to mentor and coach the members of her teams including her clients. The work we performed does not allow for team members to coast through the workday. The work requires a commitment by all team members in order to meet the aggressive timelines and challenging requirements of the work being executed. On any given day, team members will be challenged by the difficult nature of the work and the important personal balance required by their lives. When an individual team member presented challenges to the project team that compromised their potential work, Leslie demonstrated her great caring nature through an ability to coach the team member through their challenges.


Leslie consistently demonstrates her commitment to the team's goals by being a strong mentor and coach to her project team members. She focuses on her team’s strengths and development needs by defining a realistic perception of their strengths and development needs showing a commitment to continuous learning and self-development. Her flexibility in handling change and creative innovation create a forum for her teams to be receptive to new ideas and their ability to generate alternative ways to view and define problems.


Leslie's core coaching skills enable working within established ethical guidelines, professional standards and promotes strong client understanding. Her strong coaching capabilities promote the listening, communication, questioning, and facilitation skills of her teams and project stakeholders. 

Edward Gordon

Software Development Manager

Mrs. Williams has a gracious natural talent for Leadership Coaching, and she is indeed a coach’s coach. Leslie is the consummate professional, not only willing to actively listen but also extremely open to helping one process his or her thoughts. Her coaching style is one that involves challenging you to think outside of your normal scope, as that mode of thinking has likely led to more proverbial (and literal) stops than starts. And, Leslie is not only committed to helping you start, but to helping you move beyond your limitations.

As we worked together on how I would properly address a myriad of challenges, I found myself surpassing the notion of simply addressing the issues to feeling empowered to conquer and channel them in the right direction to ultimately work in my favor. Leslie’s wisdom, care, and overall concern for my journey and her recommendations on how to proceed in taking a successful next step came across as extremely sincere & refreshingly genuine. I will certainly continue to utilize her superb services for future endeavors, both personally and professionally.

Kristy Arnold, PhD, Executive Director

Leslie has a unique ability to get people to see visions and ideas that they may have either never thought or have suppressed. She gets people to realize their current state and see where it is they really want to go to achieve ultimate success and or maximize their full potential. I wouldn’t necessarily call it motivation. It’s an ability that is subtle but very effective.

Sherwyn A. Benjamin

Lead Pastor, Petworth United Methodist Church (Washington D.C.)

Leslie operates from a place of “let’s get it done!” As a coach, she is a careful listener and reflects before offering her response. Anyone can ask questions, but it takes skill and insight to pose the questions that will cause clients to consider what they want to do, what it will take and what is standing in the way. In my conversations with Leslie, I have been able to work my way through a challenge and by the end of the process, develop my own solution for how to go about handling it. She brings enthusiasm and fun while coaching her clients to personal and professional success.

Ramona Payne


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