JUNE 27, 2024 · PHOENIX, AZ


A one day immersion for accomplished women looking for what's next?


Welcome to a transformative one day experience for female leaders looking to design their next level of impact and influence.



I truly believe that...

When women thrive, profits rise, families prosper, and communities blossom. 


Studies keep showing us that when women like us are in the leadership mix, magic happens.

Companies with a diverse team, including strong female leaders, outdo the competition by a solid 25% in profitability. Why? Because when we bring our unique perspectives and approaches to the table, we ignite creativity, level the playing field and supercharge our collective potential, paving the way for unstoppable success, in business and beyond.

There's just one problem.


Women tend to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities,

prioritizing everyone and everything else before themselves.


In this dynamic, women are the unsung heroes and my personal and professional experience is that every single woman requires a supportive ecosystem that acknowledges their potential, recognizes their dreams, cherishes their voices, fosters collaboration, and provides tailored pathways for growth and evolution.

MVP LIVE is more than a workshop.

It's an investment into you – the visionary woman who's ready to soar and lead with courage, confidence and grace.

Pillar 1 - Mindset

The Power Of Perspective

Understand how your thoughts and beliefs influence your moment to moment choices and experience a shift in awareness that will allow you to see challenges as opportunities and make clear decisions confidently.

Pillar 2 - Values

The GPS for Personal & Collective Impact

Discover how your core values drive your thoughts, emotions and actions and create greater alignment, resulting bold moves and courageous leadership.

Pillar 3 - Power Position

Rapid Shifting Strategies

Recognize the unique advantage of every situation and learn how to identify the resources you need in order to make deliberate adjustments to deploy creativity and improve productivity.

Pillar 4 - Embodiment

Lead By Example

Empower yourself to embrace a heightened sense of accountability and learn how to intentionally steer change within yourself and those around you with greater impact.



Energy Leadership Assessment

In preparation for the MVP LIVE, I'll be facilitating personalized Energy Leadership Assessments and strategic debriefs for every participant. Getting to know you ahead of time will help us uncover the unseen dynamics at play and gain deep insights into the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities available to you beneath the surface.

Hey there!

I'm Leslie Fuqua Williams.


I'm so glad that you've landed on this page.

My entire personal and professional life, I was fortunate to be surrounded by incredible women leaders who taught me the power of resilience, courage and grace. They were my mentors, colleagues and inspirations, guiding me through many pivotal moments.

These experiences instilled in me a deep understanding of the unique strengths women possess, especially in the face of uncertainty. I've seen firsthand how their blend of empathy, strategic thinking, and unwavering determination can lead to incredible outcomes.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to the MVP LIVE one off workshop on Thursday, June 27th. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to ignite your full potential and thrive in every aspect of your personal and professional life.




This one-off transformative experience led by The Founder of Artefax Group and Head Coach Leslie Fuqua Williams includes:


  • Your Energy Leadership Assessment + Strategic Debrief
  • A Curated Full Day Workshop
  • An Accompanying Digital Workbook + Supportive Materials 
  • A 30-Min Integration Call