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Welcome to LFW Coach!

Concierge Coaching for a better you!


Introducing Leslie Fuqua Williams, LFW, but you can call me Coach!

I aim to provide Concierge Coaching to busy, high-performing women who want to maximize their time. I help women breakthrough barriers, discovering new ways of being effective and powerful, and lead a life with courage, confidence and grace.

The LFW brand was created to explore what it means to be a woman in the 21st Century, and discover how we can impact change and inspire the next generation. Among many things, I am a certified coach, speaker and a dancer who is passionate about helping you seize every opportunity to be great. 

Let me help you get ready for your N.E.X.T big thing.


Concierge Coaching

Membership ONLY

"I believe anything is possible for you, however you want it, as long as you are looking and contributing the way you want".  - LFW


Put me on your team and you can’t go wrong! Let's discover What's N.E.X.T?

As a leadership coach, I want you to know, to motivate, inspire and lead you must first have:


Courage, Confidence and Grace

  • The courage to motivate yourself

  • The confidence to inspire others

  • The grace that allows you to relax and allow something Great to happen.


I will always challenge and encourage you to look beyond yourself and see the opportunities. That's why as a busy woman, you need someone on your team with strategies and tools to get you where you want to be. Let's get to work!

What I discovered, 

Being intentional is not about knowing what to do, its about deciding to do something.


Having good intentions is just the start, it is grace that allows for Great things to happen.

Preparations starts with a good intention. 


Here’s what I did:


One day, without a reason or a plan B, I DECIDED to give up my corporate position.  After working my entire career in corporate, I allowed myself to follow instincts that day. Determined to be productive and make something happen.  I asked myself this question, “What’s N.E.X.T?”


N What’s NOT Happening?



T  What’s THE Opportunity?


Well this happened...LFW Coach was born!  Stay tuned to explore and discover What’s N.E.X.T for LFW Coach and for YOU!


“I am an Explorer with a passion for life and all that comes my way.”


Peace and Blessings,

LFW Coach

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2020 Dates TBD


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“What’s on Your Canvas” is an inspirational workshop that travels throughout the country seeking to celebrate and empower women to be the ARTIST of YOUR LIFE.  #WOYC


In the fall of 2016, I moved from Alpharetta, GA to Tucson, Arizona and I found my mountain. Each day it inspires me to serve and create a life that I desire. I live with my husband, 2 daughters, and my handsome dog Davie. Life is different here, and I like it.

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