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Meet Your Coach

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Leslie Fuqua Williams PMP, CPC, ELI-MP

Leadership Coach & Founder of Artefax Group, LLC.

Coach Leslie Fuqua Williams believes that an excellent coach helps you to see yourself more accurately so you can gain clarity on your strengths and grow in ways you never imagined possible. 


She views the coaching relationship as a partnership. Her clients are high performing leaders in their professions and in the community and want to achieve optimal results. She is passionate about helping them to identify opportunities and recognize great success. 


After 20 years in a corporate career in Information Technology as a leader, innovator and visionary immersed in challenging and high profile projects, Leslie knows that it takes more than academic preparation to succeed. 


She discovered that when people are placed in roles where they are eager to do their best, they are more likely to achieve phenomenal results! When leaders are encouraged to see opportunities instead of problems they are able to effect change in extraordinary ways. However, many leaders need help to identify their own path, one that uses all of their skills, talents and passion and leads them to greater success.


Armed with the courage to find a way to use her skills, talents and passion for people, she set out to help people create a path to Greatness. 


Let’s talk about how you can achieve optimal results by tapping into your greatness factor and start your own path to greatness.

I work with senior managers who are looking for optimal performance from their people. I help them understand how to inspire and motivate their team, producing extraordinary results and positively impacting the bottom line. 

Seeing Possibilities for you!

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